A very large number of items were stolen out of a car during cleanup at the May Shadow Accord event.

These items represent the majority of in game items for several different players who had been loading them into one car together.

We would like to remind everyone that theft of these items when not in an In Game space, or for them to be taken at all out side of game hours is a crime.

After discussion the Executive Officers and the players who were stolen from have agreed that the highest priority is the safe return of the items in question.

If any or all of these items are returned before the close of Check In on Friday night at this coming game, no charges will be pressed and no questions will be asked. We will not assume that the person who returns the items was responsible for their theft, or that they have any direct knowledge of who stole them. We are putting the priority of the recovery of these items over the punishment of whoever took them.

To return the items with full amnesty, either give them directly to an Executive Officer or place them in Lost and Found at Storyteller Camp before the stated deadline.

The Executive Officers are as follows:

Lorilynn Parker
Bryan Wilson
Michael Osgood-Graver (Mog)

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