Welcome to Northwest LARPers!

Northwest LARPers is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating immersive role-playing experiences set within a fictionalized historical setting.

Preparation for our events include:

  • Researching and sharing the history of our setting.
  • Creating detailed character backgrounds appropriate to the times.
  • Preparing appropriate costumes to reflect the clothing of the period.
  • Decorating our site to minimize modern influences.
  • Crafting props to represent goods from the era.

Northwest LARPers is proud to present Shadow Accord! 

Shadow Accord is multi-faction Old World of Darkness live action role play (LARP) game set in a small town in medieval England.

Players primarily make their own stories with player interaction along with some dealings involving NPCs. Storytellers support a believable setting with mundane and supernatural stories intended to add flavor to the world and react to player actions.

The game is an immersive experience with full costuming and setting decoration. When you enter the game, you are in character for the entire weekend. Both the remote wooded environment and the decorated buildings and cabins help support the medieval town setting.

Want to get involved?

More information about our events and setting can be found on the wiki.

Community discussion can be found on the forums. Come on over and introduce yourself.