September 2017 Shadow Accord

Located at:

Sound View Camp and Retreat Center
8515 Key Peninsula Hwy S
Longbranch, WA 98351


Do not arrive at site before 2:00 PM and do not enter site until the gate has been opened by one of our Executive Officers (Michael Osgood-Graver, Lorilynn Parker, Bryan Wilson)


Please remember to have your weapon props checked! Nobody wants to actually be injured!


If you have not yet signed a liability waiver this year, expect to sign a new liability waiver at check-in! You must sign the waiver to play


Please remember to follow the posted speed limits in the camp site.  The ranger has mentioned he has seen people driving quite quickly in the past, and is concerned for the safety of his children, especially after dark.  Please be courteous.

If you DO get injured, even if it is a simple scrape, find a member of the safety staff immediately so that first aid may be performed. If you do not know who is on staff and become injured, please make a request to any other nearby Player Characters that you need medical assistance by crossing your fingers over your head or loudly declaring “Stand Down” whichever is more possible given the situation. Current safety staff members are Kristie Neises, Caille Wyrd, Susanna Lauder, Darian Boyer and Zack Rodriguez.

This weekend is forecasted to have the typical late summer mix.  Warm-ish, rainy-ish, cold after dark, we all know it can change.  It’s late summer in the PNW, so please plan for the worst, hypothermia can still happen if you are wet for too long and everyone needs to do their part to watch out for it. Warning signs are: Stiff fingers, uncontrollable shivering, confusion, lack of coordination, difficulty speaking, dizziness, lethargy. If you see these symptoms, please get the individual to a warm, dry location and alert a member of staff.


Forecasts have been known to change.  We will post the most current one Friday morning.


Our safety team currently consists of: Kristie Neises, Susanna Lauder, Akaavi Caille Wyrd, Brandon Scott, Zach Rodriguez & Darian Boyer


Even with this forecast, this has the potential to be a rainy weekend, don’t be left cold and grumpy! Bring extra socks and something to use as a hood & cloak in the event of going outside in the rain. We expect a mild event. Bring a change of clothes, extra blankets, and non-perishable food.


You may bring heaters to be placed in some of the tents provided by the camp, they must be checked by a member of safety, or an executive officer, prior to use. Any heaters left on and unattended will be turned off and removed from the tent, held at Storyteller camp for the duration of the event, we do not want any accidental fires. You can view details on what makes an approvable heater here:


Due to improper fire management we are not allowing live fires to be used without express permission. Please find a member of the XO team to present a fire bucket to for inspection if at any point during the weekend you wish to light a fire.


Remember! Only new players, and returning players who have given notice will have the ability to have a character CGed on site, the options for on site characters are limited.


If you go to StoryTeller Camp during the event and ask for your character to travel somewhere outside of Seaton Carew, you will likely be asked to NPC, or proceed to and OOG area prior to returning to game space. Please do not remain at StoryTeller camp to chat with other Players, that can be done in the designated OOG spaces


If your character dies, is imprisoned, or otherwise removed from town by an NPC, go to StoryTeller Camp. There you will have the following options:

  1. Play a backup character which must have been checked in on Friday night
  2. Ask to play an NPC, you will be given a basic human sheet for when the StoryTellers have no plans for you so you can enjoy game space, and a more complex sheet when they do
  3. Pack your things and leave site


If your character undergoes major character sheet changes (becoming a fomori, ghoul, or vampire) please remain in game space long enough to finish the scene you are in. When it appears appropriate to slip away, head to StoryTeller camp and inform them of the change. You will be given further instruction there.


Please take some time to review the rulebook and clarification document:
And the rulebook here:


If a call is used on you that you are not familiar with, politely raise a hand with two fingers crossed and ask the player who said the call what it does, they will help you understand the power and how to roleplay it’s effects


If you taught a character a new power or skill at the previous event and do not remember if you submitted the teaching form, please e-mail check-in IMMEDIATELY informing them of the teaching in question:

Or, use this handy form:


If you sleep in a structure, please see that it returns to the way you found it once game has been called, Soundview loves how clean Shadow Accord keeps the site, let’s keep it that way.


All players should plan for their own meals, or make arrangements to purchase food in game. ANY players preparing food for other players in any of the kitchen spaces are required to have their Washington State food handlers permits. You may prepare your own food without a food handler’s permit but if using a kitchen space must be supervised by an individual with a food handler’s permit. Please get permission from whoever is managing kitchens prior to personal use.


Do note that the NWLARPers Anti-Harrassment Policy will be in full effect, please review the policy here:


Check Lost & Found! It will be at ST camp. Shadow Accord has a one-game retention policy so make sure to claim your items or risk them being donated.


And now the weather!


In the event of an emergency, SA’s safety team has prepared the following document:


Friday: Sunny, lows of 50 degrees, highs of 77

Saturday: Cloudy, lows of 53, highs of 75

Sunday: 100% chance Rain, lows of 49, highs of 61

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent


Any character with theurge as one of their innate trees gains the benefits of the “Moon Ties” Merit this weekend, assuming it is on their character sheet.


Dawn: 6:50am

Dusk: 7:20 pm


The Executive Officers are as follows:

  • Lorilynn Parker
  • Bryan Wilson
  • Michael Osgood-Graver (Mog)


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