Shadow Accord Announcements April 2014

Important Notes to Note

The site has requested that no one drive on any road that isn’t graveled. Notably this will affect two roads: the back road that goes around and behind the Longhouse/Pious Rose, and the road past Calvinwood/Golden Horn that leads to where Check-In is. Normally there is a post in the middle of this road to prevent anyone from driving past it. The post will remain in place and should not be moved. This also means your car will have to remain parked on the road when you are loading and unloading. The normal parking lot will remain the same.

During the work party some changes were made to the site that you should be aware of. The floor of the Longhouse/Pious Rose has been pulled up and is now concrete. Blue painters tape and butcher paper have been put up in the Dining Hall/Tipsy Chicken. Do not remove it. Several doors were damaged due to weather and wear. Most have been fixed, but please be mindful.

We also discovered (the hard way) that nettles and poison oak are popping everywhere. Keep an eye out!

New Check-In Times and Site Cap
Players who have pre-paid for the event may check-in at any time during Check-In hours.
Players who will be paying for the event with cash may check-in when a staff member with the cash box is available.

If you will be checking in after normal hours you must notify Check-In prior to event.

We are quickly approaching our site capacity limit. To ensure your spot at game you must pre-register and pre-pay.

Moon Phase
Gibbous Moon (Galliard)

6:30 AM

7:55 PM

Please remember that the A-frame, Garden Cabin, Director’s Residence, Horse Facility, High Ropes Course, Memorial Garden, Maintenance Area, Kiosk, Pump House and Paintball Field are OOG and off limits.

Disclaimer: Shadow Accord is an 18+ game. New players will be required to show valid ID. Shadow Accord is a drug and alcohol free game. Those who bring drugs or alcohol to an event, or those who are under the influence of, will be asked to leave the site. Further penalties may be pursued, up to and including, criminal prosecution.

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